I found this short story by Bonnie DeMoss is so mesmerizing that I had to share it.

Bonnie Reads and Writes

Below is my third entry in the 2022 Short Story Challenge, started by A Virginia Writer’s Diary. See the original post here. The theme this year is folklore, and I’m very excited about that! My husband Doug is writing with me, so together our name is Bonnie Douglas. We’re concentrating on Appalachian Folklore for this challenge. We are a little behind. Our March entry was delayed by illness and we just missed the end of April, but here is our third entry, with two more to come later in May. This story is a combination of the vast folklore out there about a race of magical people, smaller than us but having powers that we do not. It is called The People of the Moon.

The People of the Moon
By Bonnie Douglas

My family has lived in these Western North Carolina hills and hollers for as long…

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