Maddie Cochere is one of the most talented and driven authors I know. She dropped out of the blog world for some time, but she’s back, and running at her normal rate… full speed ahead.

Breezy Books

Before I decided to come back to blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to run a search on my name. You know, just to be certain there was nothing upsetting or that needed addressing. When you disappear for three years, who knows what can happen.

I came across the website, Book Series In Order. What a cool site. If you’ve ever found a series of books with many titles, this site will tell you in which order you will want to read them.

I had no idea I was listed there:

I was further pleased and humbled by the information written about me as a writer. Other than the fact that it was noted I used to own a weight loss company (I didn’t; I used to work for one), I couldn’t believe all the good and kind words written about me.

Whoever cobbled this information…

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