Came across this post on tigers and had to share it. It is the Year of the Tiger, by the way.

Legends of Windemere

I love tigers.  They’re always my favorite at the zoo with red pandas coming in second.  So, I’m well aware of how endangered they are.  Only 3,900 left in the wild with breeding programs trying to fix that.  3 subspecies are extinct too.  Tigers are killed for the following reasons:

  • Habitat destruction
  • Reduced food supply
  • Poaching

In other words, it’s humans again.  Should I even point that out?  I think it’s pretty well-established that most, if not all, endangered species are in their position because of what we do.


Now, how many tiger species are there?  9 subspecies with 3 of those being extinct.  Though, there is debate on if it’s 2, 6, 8, or 9.  Let’s go with the bigger number for more pictures.

Bengal Tiger

Amur/Siberian Tiger

South China Tiger

Indochinese Tiger

Malayan tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Extinct- Javan Tiger

Extinct- Caspian…

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