This looks like a winner to me, and is on my Kindle list. I am currently reading John Howell’s first novel, “MY GRL,” and am captivated.

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Welcome to another Self-Published Saturday! Self-Published Saturday (SPS) is my effort to help self-published/indie authors with the huge task of promoting their books. Self-Published/Indie authors have to do it all, from editing to cover design to marketing, so I hope this series helps them a little with the marketing side of things. Today we are featuring Eternal Road by John W. Howell. This is a magical, end-of-life, time-traveling journey that will keep you intrigued.


Wow, what a unique twist on a life after death book! James picks up a hitchhiker on a lonely road, only to find out that the hitchhiker is his childhood friend, Sam, who disappeared and was murdered at the age of 7. Then he is shocked to discover he is dead too, having fallen asleep while driving. Together James and Sam go on a time-traveling journey on the eternal road, searching for his forever…

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