Here’s another action thriller from Stan R. Mitchell. Bound to be a great read.

Hey guys!

As promised, the new book has been released. 🙂

The book is called “Gravel Road” and it’s a follow-up book to “Take Down.” For those who don’t know, “Take Down” introduced readers to Detective Danny Acuff. “Gravel Road” is Book 2 of that series.

Here’s the book description:

Detective Danny Acuff is back in the saddle as an investigator, but now he’s in a bigger department with much higher stakes. MUCH higher stakes.

He’s also got a new partner, and she’s a bombshell. But she’s got sharp elbows. And there’s a case that just might be the last case Danny ever investigates.

You just never know where the gravel road will lead. Danny is in for the ride of his life.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and if you haven’t read the first Detective Danny Acuff book (“Take Down”)…

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