Stan Mitchell just released a new book. Stan’s writing is quick-paced, with a good dose of action and, at times, thoughtful. I enjoy his work.

It’s official! The book is out!

“Stolen Daughter” is now available on Amazon. As a reminder, here’s the book description.

Ummm… The book is amazing. Buy it. lol

“Stolen Daughter” is a fast-paced private investigator book, about a man named Dolan, who used to serve as a distinguished detective in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Unfortunately for Dolan, he came home early one day and caught a man in bed with his wife. Dolan, being a former Army Ranger and long-time boxer, didn’t react well to that situation. He beat the man about half to death and in the process, lost his job, his pension, and even custody of his daughter.

Now, he’s moved from Nashville to Knoxville, and he’s trying to get a new private investigator firm off the ground. This is proving far more difficult than he expected because he lacks any contacts in Knoxville and faces…

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