Victoria Dougherty has been posting love stories this month, and wanted to relate my story about Sunshine’s Pop-Top.


love-and-forgiveness-9I devoted the entire month of February to love for the simple reason that it is the most important thing in all of existence. It is what makes us whole, human. Without it, we are mere mortals with no hope of a spritual dimension, an eternal, an other.

Yes, it’s that big. But it’s also deceptively simple.

And because I love you Cold readers so much, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about love. I guarantee this is all you’ll ever have to know about it.

Come closer. I’ll whisper it in your ear. Are you ready?

The thing about true love is that the romance novels are spot on!

They might not be all arty about it, and their dialogue can be downright dreadful. Their plot lines might make us cringe. But they strike at our heart’s deepest desire – sincerely, savagely, with a fist – not an…

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