Stan Mitchell has released the 5th installment of his Danny Acuff series. Oh yeah.

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve finished Detective Danny Acuff 5 and it’s now available for purchase.

Detective Danny Acuff 5 UnflattenedI’ve had two people already read Danny Acuff 5 and tell me it’s the best one yet. It’s faster paced and there’s more action in it than previous editions (can you say multi-chapter, hand-to-hand fight scene between Danny and four guys?!).

I hate that I got off schedule and had such a gap between the release of Danny Acuff 4 and 5. The writing of Nick Woods 4 just proved more difficult and time consuming than I expected.

Regardless, I’m wanting to stay more on track with the remainder of the Danny Acuff series. I love writing them and I enjoy writing about my local area (though the town is invented).

Detective Danny Acuff 1-3I also recently began offering the first three Danny Acuff…

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