The new installment in Stan Mitchell’s detective series is out. The first was a quick read, and fun.

Hey, guys!

I just finished Book 2 of the Detective Danny Acuff series!

I’m really pumped about how well sales have kicked off on this series and thank each and every one of you who bought Book 1! (BTW, for those who have already read the first installment, could I twist your arm into writing a one or two-sentence review of Book 1? Having reviews on that first one will encourage more folks to jump into the series.)

For those who missed the earlier announcement last week about Book 1, here’s the book description for it:

Detective Danny Acuff’s marriage is on life support.

And, he’s been forced to take a boring job as a small-town detective in a dumpy, sleepy, little town — it’s his final, desperate attempt to save his marriage.Detective Danny Acuff 72

Danny figures his life can’t get much worse. Danny couldn’t be more wrong.

Turns out this…

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