Britt Skrabanek is a very talented writer. Her “Nola Fran Evie” promises to be a ton of fun, and it’s FREE right now. How can that be?

Oh yeah! It’s Christmas. HO HO HO!

Britt Skrabanek

vintage summer

We survived the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year, but let’s face it—we’re a bunch of broke asses now.

And since I’ve been feeling the holiday spirit so much this year, I decided to make one of my books free on Amazon all week long.

Free, Britt? For real?

Yep. It’s my little holiday gift to you.

Nola Fran Evie is a retro summertime romp that will whisk you away to 1950s Chicago. So you can tell winter to kiss off for a bit while you cozy up with three of my favorite fictitious gals.

Here’s the enticing description…

They were unladylike rebels, three young women abandoning rolling pins for baseball bats to join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They changed history and that changed them. After the league folds in 1954 Nola, Fran, and Evie meet by chance on a popcorn-scented summer day where it all began…Wrigley Field, Chicago…

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