Stan Mitchell’s book, SOLD OUT, is doing well and gaining some real recognition.
If you haven’t read it, and enjoy action-packed writing, I suggest you take a look.

Hey guys!

Sorry for the interruption, but I just wanted to let you know that “Sold Out” just made a list of five indie books similar to the movie/book “American Sniper!

Check out the post here! If you Liked “American Sniper”, You’ll LOVE…

It made my day to see this, and with luck, “Sold Out” will continue to get more attention in the weeks and months ahead.

I say this because somehow the book has stayed in the Top 20 on Amazon in the political thriller genre for the past three months. And, I say “somehow” because I’ve run no ads, seen no other posts about it, and had no email alerts on my name and book title.

So, the book has been selling like crazy based on word of mouth alone, best I can tell. It’s been selling so well that I’ve become really nervous about upcoming increased attention from magazines…

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