Some words of hard-won wisdom from Carrie Rubin, author of “The Seneca Scourge.”

Carrie Rubin

Whiskey Creek Press released The Seneca Scourge one year ago. In that time, I’ve traveled the unfamiliar terrain of marketing, book reviews, and the epidermal thickening that comes from both. I’d like to share my lessons learned. So grab your moisturizer, and let’s begin.

1. Seek More Early Reviews

I should have offered free books in exchange for early reviews. Part of my problem was not knowing where to look for readers. Furthermore, given I wasn’t independently published, I couldn’t logistically offer free e-books. And yes, I was scared of getting a bad review.

I should have chucked the fear and shelled out gift cards.

2. Face-to-Face Marketing is Distinctively Uncomfortable

I avoid public interaction. Thus, except for two book signings and a table at our school’s book fair, most of my marketing was online.

But there were other reasons I stayed hidden:

  • The price of my paperback is too high…

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