This one from Rosalie Squires brought such a big smile that I had to pass it on.

Rosalie Squires

Here’s one from last year that didn’t get much of an outing. Shouldn’t all days be special in one way or another?

Today is a quiet day
Sandwiched between yesterday’s festivities
Tomorrow’s celebrations
Today makes no demands

Today I can feel
What it is to simply
Be me

Explore connections
Seek out new friends

Endless possibilities
belong to today.
Days out of time
Are a wonderful gift

They occur rarely
But, like precious pearls,
Can be strung together

A day from childhood
A day last year

Can collect these pearls
And make from them a necklace
A life
Separate from the norm

A whole other life
Lived in days
Out of time.

Do you have days that are pearls?
Do you treasure the days that are somehow apart from the general bustle of every day life?

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