A reminder.


I am a reader.

Sometimes I write– poems and stories and tales of nothing– but I am not a writer.  I am a reader.

Outsiders like to say we’re on the same team, but it’s not true.  They don’t understand us.

You are a writer and you need me.  I need you, too.

It’s a relationship, of sorts– a symbiotic, passionate, conflicted one.  We are gladiators fighting a battle that the world, our audience, will never forget.  It’s a tug-of-war etched into the very corners of everyday history and we each have our moments of glory.

gladiatorWriters have an obvious position of power, of course.  You tell me what you want, when you want, and from whatever perspective you want to share.  It is a bold power, yes, but it is not necessarily the upper hand.

I am a reader, and I have power, too.

If I don’t like…

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