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M.S. Fowle

Hunting With Heroes

There are two things you may or may not know about me: I come from a military family and I live in Maine.

Maine is usually known for its beautiful rocky coastline and our lobster. But, if you head just wee bit to the north, you will find lovely forests and mountainous terrains. Our local Maine Guides (Hi, Dad!) will guide you to the best views, as well as THE best hunting spots. Now, I’m not one for hunting – I shot a squirrel once with an air rifle, right out of the top of a tree. It fell to the ground, barely alive and twitching. So my dad tells me to “finish it off.” But I couldn’t. I was done. Like my older brother after his first deer hunting experience, I learned hunting is NOT for me.

But it’s a way of life for many around here. It’s tradition…

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